Sunday, September 1, 2013

Preparation for our Mission

Post by Lezlie.  Because we did not have computer service over the last 2 weeks, this post is a review our preparations before we left for Utah Thursday. Our last dog activity was the Columbia Basin Dog Training Club annual picnic.  Dan and I had great fun competing in games with Freckles and Joy with no responsibilities of our own. I was also able to meet with and train some of the advanced utility dogs in Tracy's new dog training facility, which was a treat.We distributed all of my plants, Dan and Aaron put my car up on jacks and we did last minute yard work. We left on a Thursday, took both dogs and went to Carrie and Matt's home, where we left the dogs. We had lovely dinners with Petersens and Taylors.  We drove to Bremerton for Dan's 40th H.S. class reunion. We had not attended any since his 5th reunion, always traveling or having a baby or grandbaby.  We had a lovely  luncheon at Sue Bramwell's family home (Sue was a good high school friend of Dan's) on Kitsap Lake with some of his close friends, and then went to the movie "The Butler".  We visited Eric Andersons lovely home on Oyster Bay (another high school friend). We visited the cemetery and put flowers on Dan's parent's graves. We spent some time on the waterfront in downtown Bremerton and then went to the reunion car rally and dance. Dan really enjoyed becoming reacquainted with old friends.  We stayed until 10, then drove around the sound, arriving about midnight.  We were up early the next morning with Freckles in tow, and flew to Houston. It was wonderful to see Anne and Rex's family and all the home improvements they have made since we were last there. We were able to see the movie "Planes" with the whole family, and had a summer school pay off (cash rewards for summer school achievements).  Anne and  I got Freckles all settled. She was doing very well using the appropriate potty spot, and all of the kids were very good with her, especially Brenna. It was very hard to say good bye to the Anne & Rex, the grandkids and Freckles. Then on to Florida, where we had a nice visit and very good food with my parents- Mother had made all of my favorite foods. Another hard good-bye, though when we are in Virginia we will finally be in the same time zone as Florida. After a short visit we were back in Seattle- dear Matt picked us up at midnight. The next day we picked blackberries, had a summer school program and another summer school pay out. We saw the great ultarasound pictures of our new granddaughter who will arrive in January.  Then it was time to say goodbye and get back to Richland. We said goodbye to many friends at church, then spent 3 days packing and cleaning. We worked very hard! We had dinner and a nice relaxing evening with Janine Swailes and had dinner with Aaron Wednesday before another goodbye. We were then set apart and formally appointed full time missionaries by our Stake President, President Powell.  President Burrup happened to be there, a friend of many years, and so he was able to be present. It was a lovely blessing that was very meaningful to both of us personally. We are  now  officially Elder and Sister Couch! What adventure lies ahead......

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